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Metabolic Cage – For Rats Tecniplast Italy Model 3700M071

Berat 250 gram
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Metabolic Cage – For Rats Tecniplast Italy Model 3700M071
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Detail Produk Metabolic Cage – For Rats Tecniplast Italy Model 3700M071

Features :

Metabolic cage all included, with feeder for rats from 150 g up to 300 g

Overall dimensions – mm 290 x 400 x 380 h

Capacity (per rack) : 12 Metabolic cage complete with rack

Reliable results of experiments
Provide a perfect separation of faeces and urine through a special design of
the funnel and of the separation cone
The stress of the animal is reduced because the drawer style design of the
feeder allows to easy filling all parts below the cage floor are removable
without disturbing the test animals
The faeces collection tube and the urine collection tube unlock with single twist
from outside of cage, also without disturbing the animals
Few pieces to assemble the cage. All components can be washed and autoclaved
By changing just a few components (feeders and floor grids), the cage is
adaptable to house mouse and rats of different sizes/weights
The cage components are made of PC and PMP, which, following correct
procedures for autoclaving and washing, are extremely durable
Offers a complete system, that holds 12 cages, allowing to minimize
movements of individual cages when other cages are serviced or the entire
rack is moved
The view inside the cages is very good
The rack is easy to handle and allows for quiet transportation
A refrigerated collection rack and a collection chiller rack are also available

Including :

METABOLIC CAGE, all included, with feeder for rats from 150g up to 300g;
290 x 400 x 380 mm; Qty : 12 pcs
Vertical type rack for 12 metabolic and diuresis cages (4W X 3H); LWH : 1240
x 480 x 1900 mm; Qty : 1 pc

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