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Portable Autoclave

Berat 250 gram
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Portable Autoclave
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Detail Produk Portable Autoclave


1. Easy operation, safe and reliable.

2. The sealing ring is made of silicon rubber.

3. Two safety valves keep double safety (for timing control type).

4. It has self-adjustment function (for timing control type)

5. It is well sealed and effectively prevents steam leakage.

6. Over temperature & over pressure auto-protection.

7. Electric heating or gas heating can be used (for Dual fuel Type).

8. The sterilizer is provided with a power switch, user can control the operation easily.

9. Immersion type electric heating pipe, thermal efficiency is high, stainless steel material

tube is durable to use.

10. Steam-water inner circulation system:No steam discharge and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.

11. Double groove pressure gauge, could clearly indicate, convenient observation, reliable performance.

12. When at lower water level, or at the end of heat preservation time, have buzzer alarm,

timing control type will automatically stop heating (for timing control type).

Model BKM-P18(D) BKM-P24(D) BKM-P18(A) BKM-P24(A) BKM-P18(B) BKM-P24(B)
Type Timing control type Anti-dry out type Dual fuel Type
Capacity 18L 24L 18L 24L 18L 24L
Time setting 1~99 minutes No
Temperature setting Rt +5~126℃ 126℃ or 121℃
Power Supply AC 220V/50HZ
Power Consumption 2kW
Working Pressure Along with temperature change 0.142Mpa
Chamber Size φ280*210mm φ280*310mm φ280*210mm φ280*310mm φ280*210mm φ280*310 mm
Packing Size(mm) 420*420*640 420*420*740 420*420*560 420*420*660 420*420*560 420*420*660
Gross Weight(kg) 10 12 10 12 10 12

Ditambahkan pada: 7 February 2019
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